I decided to make my views known back in 2007 having long suffered from the continuing poor performances of our 'so called gifted English footballers' and not forgetting those in charge of them. Futile I know, but you have got to try, don't you?

Matters came to a head in 2007 after the FA's rushed appointment of Fabio Capello for what could only be described as a reported kings ransom. I felt enough was enough, having suffered the reign of Sven, Steve and then to add insult to injury to be landed with Fabio. I started the site as a stop Fabio's appointment and to raise the question of  a reward culture that was more relevant to performance and results. However, I had  barely time to launch before the FA had rushed through the appointment.  In my opinion this was rushed as an act of self preservation, as questions were being asked about the role of the FA in the continuing saga.

Too late they escaped again able to deflect the abysmal performance they had overseen. Here we are nearly 10 years on, we have had Fabio, a bit of Stuart and Roy. I calculate we have poured  approximately 35 Million into their bank accounts of Fabio and Roy and got back a big fat zero. I dare not do the math covering the last 15 years but can guess it to be fairly eye watering. 

Many say we have not had a decent England team since 1998, and  I would tend to agree.

The players have consistently under-performed in the major tournaments. The managers have been nothing if not consistent, i.e. all useless! Yet they have commanded massive salaries and delivered nothing. 
There is one common thread through all this  THE FA they are the ones choosing the managers and throwing lots of our money at them. The money go round is pretty horrendous but then it is easy to be dishing out monies on big salaries when it's not your own and you are pretty well unaccountable.

I must admit to thinking why pay the manager so much fixed salary when football is a results game, why are people not negotiating a flat 'good' salary with tremendous bonuses for success. Since 2007 I have kept track of England's performance and reflected upon them on the site.

The FA are responsible for the English national team, Grass-roots Football, Youth Development and Wembley stadium. They are pulling the strings when it comes to all aspects of football. Tell me has any of that been a success? Football is tremendously important to the masses and we simply cannot keep trotting out the same old list of excuses. We need to act and not put up with it any longer.


My views are simple they need to be cleaned out, but by who they are to all intent and purpose untouchable!


September 2016

Oh well, back to the drawing board. Sam you have blow it. Another black mark against the FA.
Now I am even more worried, Gareth Southgate?

Should we be getting worried? More of the same against Slovakia and Sam seems to think Wayne can play where he wants?

August 2016

Too late, another ridiculous salary package doled out. Of course the FA think they have done a great job in reducing it from the 3.5 M Roy got, down to 3M.

So Sam is the man, or should I say the FA's man, will he be an improvement? The jury is out!
My concern is he is the choosen one of the FA!
I only hope they stop offering riddiculous salary packages for the part time job of being England manager.


Thank God for the Welsh, at least they are showing what a great team spirit and competent management can achieve. Maybe we should employ the Welsh FA as consultants to advise the English FA, now that would be novel!


Why is the job of managing an international football team a full time one?

The England manager was the highest paid coach at Euro 2016, 15 times that of the Welsh manager..... Hmmm!


The FA remind me of the argument about the EU (bureaucratic and out of touch). Who are they and what democratic process is in place to vote them in/out. We have had a Brexit maybe we should go for a FAexit!

I think if a referendum was called on that we all know the result.




Before you read this make sure there are no sharp objects around you.

England - A GRIM TALE of incompetence and failure!